Website Content

One of the most important responsibilities of a website is to communicate with its visitors.


The headline is the starting point for communicating with each visitor.  Headlines need tell readers what information they’ll find on each page.

Text on Page (Content Writing)

The text on a page is obviously one of the major ways of communicating with your visitors. The content needs to be descriptive enough that it will help to make sales, but too much content could discourage your readers. Good content is an integral part of SEO, as the search engines pay high value to a website with keyword-rich content. At WebSolutions Maine, we offer content services such as: keyword-rich articles, article submission, blogging and custom content solutions that are oriented at achieving the best search engine ranking for your online business.

Link Building: 
Hyperlinks linked to and from your website help you to get better rankings on a search engine. Hyperlinks linking to sites with a good PR (Page Rank) will be even more effective. Good links are valued highly by the search engine algorithms. Search engine spiders crawl your website to index its pages, after which the site is being placed in the search results.


Not all websites use taglines, but some do so very effectively. A good tagline will be short, descriptive and memorable. It needs to quickly communicate something about the company, the product or services. Taglines are great for branding purposes and for helping to control the impression that is given to visitors.


Most all websites will include company logo.  Regardless of whether a website is using a professionally designed logo or simply some text for the title of the site, there is a message being communicated in terms of branding.  Learn more on Branding here
Why are companies willing to pay a lot of money for a quality logo? Because a well-designed logo will help the company to communicate something basic with customers, something that helps to determine how people view the brand.


We live in the age of the “camera in everyone’s pocket”
Photos are becoming the universal language, with fastest growing social media networks like FACEBOOK, Google + and Twitter.  Learn more on Social Media Marketing

Webpage Layout

A website’s layout is important for a number of reasons, and communication is just one of them. The layout can communicate by showing visitors what parts of the site or the content are the most important. Typically the site will be laid out so that the most important content will be given the most attention. This shows visitors what you want them to see the most.  Learn more Website Design

Style of Design

Styles create certain impressions with many visitors first impression and this can help or hurt the overall communication of your site depending on the impression being given. Let us increase your conversion rate through website optimization, regular web page maintenance, site usability analysis, landing page optimization and key performance analysis. Learn more Website Design

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