QR (Quick Response) codes

Your customers can scan the QR Code with a smart phone application while on a break at work, sitting on their couch, actually anywhere their phone is.  With one point of your phone a client or future client can view a webpage, images, video, contact information, your social media or pretty much anything you want.


One scan and your on the webpage.

Scan the QR Code below to our WebSolutions-Maine Website 



Scan Vacations and Weddings in Maine Website QR Code below


Targeted to mobile users, QR Codes help to reach your audience at any time and place.

Apart from a smartphone, no special equipment is required.

One click from their phone and they can e-mail you.  Making business fast & easy.


Email QR Code below


QR Codes also establish a direct contact to your customers and promote a dialog with them. A QR Code can, for example, provide the user with the possibility to deliver feedback on products or services. On this occasion, you can also receive email addresses or contact information from your users and will be able to use this data for further interactions.


A fast way of getting your contact information to the customer!


 Contact Information QR Code below


By scanning the QR Code, potential customers are instantly more engaged with your advertisement or marketing message. They have actively chosen to request further information. The customers are therefore more involved and retain the information received easier than writing it down.
This advantage is not to be underestimated, as consumers are confronted with hundreds of advertising messages each day.


Location QR Code below


Since QR Codes provide a direct link in the online world, this produces countless possibilities to engage users in a positive way. From simple information, such as contact details, event dates and product descriptions, to special promotions - you can offer your customers virtually anything you can display in a Web browser.

All of this with a single scan.


With Social Media being so popular, with one scan your FACEBOOK page is at their fingertips


Facebook QR Code below


Leverage the popularity of QR (Quick Response) codes with the Facebook & Twitter.


With Social Media being so popular, with one scan your Twitter page is at their fingertips


Twitter QR Code below


Not only do we create websites but we create trust with our clients.  
It's a great thing for clients (new and existing) to know someone is reachable by email or phone at anytime.  Your business is open 24 hrs a day-7 days a week


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