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A web page must be search engine-friendly before Googlebot (also known as a robot, bot, or spider) are to successfully crawl and index each page.  In essence, search engine optimization starts with the web design.  Images are not just images and text is not just text, they have a purpose for each individual page.  When you see those commercials saying anyone can have a website, it's true but >not one that works the way you need it too<.

Meta tags serve your website in many ways.
The meta title is the title of the page that shows up in the tab of your browser. In addition, Google frequently uses the meta title as the blue link in your website’s listing on a search engine results page.

Example of how title tags appear in the browser tab:


Example of how the title tags appear in the search engine:

Meta Data Research:
When keywords that users include in their search match the words in the title tag and meta description, Google and other search engines will bold that text. Ensuring your target keywords match those that the user is searching will increase click-through-rate, which can indirectly influence rankings.  Keyword research is a major part of SEO and we have experts that work in that field to get you the best keywords for you industry.


Allow our team to analyze and ensure that every web page of your website contains the necessary Page Description, Page Title and that important keywords are used wisely.  Call us to learn how we can help you; 207-408-4466  To receive a no cost SEO Analysis report on your website, click here.  If you are looking for a new website that has built in SEO, you came to the right place, contact us today...


Learn of the importance of https: on all website, more...


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