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SEO  Monthly Maintenance  'Pros and Cons' 

Hourly SEO Payment Pros
• There is a high level of accountability and transparency. When each hour is logged, you can more easily keep track of exactly how much time is being spent on particular aspects of SEO campaigns.

• Allocate time is very specific. This can be particularly helpful if you have a specific deadline to launch a product or website, or if you only want a limited time devoted to different aspects of your SEO.   There is research done on every SEO project that can't be seen.  Without the correct research, SEO can not be done correctly.

• Having a set hourly rate.  If you’re working with a limited budget for SEO, hourly rates can make it easier for you to predict costs, especially in the short term.   Again, without the correct research, SEO can not be done correctly.

• You may get a breakdown of service costs. Hourly rates can often make it easier to break down specific services and determine how much each will cost. 

Hourly SEO Payment Cons
• You may not see results as quickly.  SEO often requires more time than most companies imagine before they see a return. As a result, many are upset when they discover that they may not be able to accomplish their intended goals without exceeding their set hourly limit.

• You could run up a larger bill than your budget. Hourly rates can escalate quickly, especially if the work needed to optimize your website is more involved than you initially thought.  There are many organic practices done with SEO, such as, Page titles, Keywords, Page Descriptions and more...

• Many SEO services can call for a coordinated group effort to get results. With an hourly structure, each employee generally logs their hours separately, even if they are working on a task as a team. Thus, an SEO firm may be limited in the amount of manpower they can devote to your project if they have a limited number of hours to work with.

• You could end up with fewer hours when accounting for service fees. If there are service fees associated with the SEO strategy your business requires, the cost of those fees may eat into the number of hours the firm will put in your contract.

• The business relationship is much more cut-and-dry. Just as hourly employees often don’t feel as tied to the larger goals and direction of a company as salaried employees do, an hourly rate with an SEO firm can be more focused on a limited perspective instead of building a long-term relationship, however, this is not always the case.

Monthly SEO Payment
Monthly payment plans tend to be one of the more common pricing models.  With monthly SEO payment plans, clients will typically pay an established fee each month in return for a specific array of services, as well as continued oversight and maintenance.

Month-to-month plans are usually chosen for a longer-term approach to SEO than hourly terms.   For more information, contact us and see how WebSolutions Maine can help you with your SEO goals, more...

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