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Many web design companies offer pricing per-page, with no two projects are alike; there is no way to quote you a fair price for the work you are looking for until we discuss your needs.  Once we discuss what features and functions you need on your web pages we then can give you an fair and accurate price/quote.

Large projects, including new website designs or major upgrades, will be outlined in a detailed proposal specifying the scope of the project and the nature of the work that will be performed.  On-going maintenance will be billed hourly.

On a Tight Budget

We can build a basic site for you to get you started that can be expanded at a later date as funds become more available.  Everyone needs to start somewhere.  We can help Your Business get started!

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide your business with a high-quality website at a fair price that will promote your businesses and/or organization.  We want you to be found on the web so you can achieve your online goals. Hey the better you look, the better we look!  Give us a call or send an email and we will begin learning about your new project.

Hourly rates

•    Web Design Services - starting @ $125 per hr.
•    SEO – we offer different prices and packages.  Call and we can discuss your internet goals and your SEO needs. 
•    Custom programming starting @ $199. per hr.
•    Consulting - $150 per hr.
•    Adding extra pages- Starting at $199 depending on what will be on the page.

Hosting Plans

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→  Any other questions or inquiries, email: or call 207-408-4466

Not only do we create websites but we create trust with our clients.  
It's a great thing for clients (new and existing) to know someone is reachable by email or phone at anytime.  Your business is open 24 hrs a day-7 days a week


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